Welcome to LKW Logistics 6 Month Anniversary its been such an amazing time since me and frankie opened LKW back up and it has really been a great one please make sure to come and join us for a celebration on our 6 Month Event

  As always we are aiming for an event server so we can give both you guys and drivers the best possible Experience in the ETS2 so please make sure to sign up via the TMP link so we can aim for that Event server

:date: | Date - Sunday 28 November :map: | Server - TBD :game_die: | Game - Euro Truck Simulator :stopwatch: | Meet Up - 16:00 GMT :camera: | Truckfest Announced - 16:30 GMT :watch: | Departarture - 17:00 GMT :pushpin: | Starting Location - Catania :checkered_flag: | End Location - Bastia :truck: | DLC Required - Italia :truck: | TruckersMP Event Page - Click here to check our TMP :safety_pin: | 6 Month Anniversary Route - Check here to see our full Route

Slots are Now Available!! - Feel free to head over to #🅿-slot-map to see what Slot would Suits you better Then please either contact the CEO or COO or you can Head on over to our Booking form to book a slot

| 6 Month Anniversary Event Form