We are now officially OPEN!!! and recruiting new drivers.

Join Us Today!


We have an outstanding community of passionate truck drivers looking to have a fun time with their peers. Our moderators are constantly supervising everything to make sure everyone can have a great time when they are at LKW Logistics.

Rank - Level System

This system allows drivers to get higher ranking based on how much they drive. Higher ranking will influence rewards and more.

Custom Trucks

Our team has carefully picked the best combinations of trucks for our drivers to choose from. Each driver will be getting their own truck which they will be able to customize. 


We will conduct at least 1 official convoy a month (convoys will be held more often in the future). There will be special events exclusively for staff held at least once a week.

Heavy Haulage

We have a dedicated Heavy Haulage team to bring our drivers an outstanding Heavy Haulage experience.


We want to reward all our drivers for their hard work. Higher ranking drivers will be rewarded with more valuable DLC's.




We expect all drivers to know all universal road signs. 


Please have at least 50+ hours in game.

Other Companies

We are expecting all new drivers to have not been in more than 3 different companies for the past 7 months.

Citations and tickets

No driver should have more than 2 bans in the past year.

Age requirement

All drivers should be at least 14 years old.


Here at LKW we expect all drivers to use English only. We ask that all drivers know intermediate English level.


I already applied, 

what happens now?

After you apply, please give us up to 30 hours to review your application. We will inform you whether or not you have been accepted. After getting accepted, drivers will be asked to schedule an interview/driving test.

Here are some things you will need for your application:
1. TruckersMP profile link (please have your VTC and ban history available to be seen by public)

2. Make sure you can reach all requirements in "what we are looking for" here.

3. Steam profile link

4. Discord ID