All About LKW Logistics


What We Offer

Here at LKW Logistics we Currently Offer a lot of things for you!

We offer a Great Community Built by Both Nemesis and franek 

- Ranking Systems witch allows our drivers to get higher ranking based on how much they drive or attend convoys as a vtc. the higher the ranking will influence rewards and more like drivers of the month

- Divisions are mostly used here as LKW and run by the Heavy Haulage Manager David 

Heavy Haulage at the moment is the only Division we  have at lkw

- We also have Custom trucks/trailers and some will have a Custom profile so we have all the same trucks on convoys and more

Why Join us!

We are a community consisting of passionate truck drivers. LKW has been previously opened twice before us, but due to management issues it has been shut down. Our goal is to bring LKW back to life and make it stay here for as long as possible. Our staff have a great deal of management experience to make sure that you will fully enjoy your stay at LKW. We have a full ranking, reward, and event system. We are using the latest trucking technology to help our drivers with the hardest deliveries. Join LKW now to immerse yourself into the world of trucks.